Bihar Nation
सबसे पहले सबसे तेज़, बिहार नेशन न्यूज़

BIHAR NATION is a new media venture of journalist  Jay Prakash Chandra .This dot-in will keep you updated about crime, politics , entertainment and religion news round the clock.


Before publishing any news, we investigate and finally check that a piece of information is cross-checked before it becomes public — to our readers as well as viewers. There is no denying the fact that communication requires time. It is always preferable not to publish or disseminate any piece of inaccurate or socially sensitive information, whereas … news quickly. Obviously, we do not want to join any crowd.


In October 2020, a young journalist named Jay Prakash Chandra, who was famous among the people for taking up their problems with writing or other means, started a new journey of dreamy eyes, but no money in the pocket. Was. Nevertheless, in the midst of all the problems, he started a web news portal named



We strongly believe the qualitative content of the news – nothing less, nothing more. Whether it is my Bihar Nation dot in web portal or my Bihar Nation YouTube channel. Our first commitment is to the people – in which we can provide powerful and reliable news 24 × 7 among the people. We will continue our sincere efforts.


Through the web news portal, you will get to read all the small and big news related to the state. I want to use the Portal to exchange information between people. My aim is to put the people’s problems in front of everyone so that they can be diagnosed. I do not aim to spread hatred of any kind through it. Through this, there is an attempt to keep the matter up to the government and government machinery with impartiality.